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HELP: Can’t remember the title of this book

there is this book I read in middle school that I remember being so great. I don’t remember the title or any of the characters names unfortunately. It was a mystery detective sort of book. I distinctively remember this part where the girl asks the guy if she has any tattoos and he says no. But they she tells him when her life was hard, she shaved her head and got a (snake possibly?) tattoo on her head and now the hair covers it. I also remember this scene where she kills herself. she talks about wanting to fly and she jumps off of this big tree. the book is about the guy trying to find out why she did it or something like that. DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS BOOK?! I know it’s not much to go off of.

you ever read a book so good you have to put it down like every half-page to reevaluate life?

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horror movie opening scene

white girl: i dont like this abandoned insane asylum, zack.
white boy: come on, amanda, 10 years ago tonight, the famous blood skull killer committed his last murder right here and then vanished.
white girl: you're just trying to scare me.
white boy: lmao
they continue walking for a few seconds
*white couple hears noise*
white girl: babe what that??
white boy: i'll go investigate
*leaves her alone*
*choking noises*
white girl: zack!!!
white boy: ha ha just kidding!
white girl: asshole!
white boy: im just playin babe
white girl: that wasnt funny but ur still cute
*playful kiss*
*things turn sexy*
*hear noise*
white boy: i'll go investigate
*he leaves and then there's a silence for a long time*
*maybe a thud*
white girl: zack! this isnt funny anymore zack!
*she walks and he dead*
white girl: ahhh!!
*killer shows up with sickle or quirky weapon that distinguishes him from other horror movie villains*
white girl: ahhh!!!
*white girl runs*
*dead end*
*thinks she free n safe*
*guy catches her*
*cuts her*
*she dead*
opening title slashes across screen: BLOOD SLICE IN 3-D

my dad is so hilarious. he literally a judge and he deadass comes home from work in his suit singing “no flex zone, no flex zone” and dancing. bless .

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Notice how when you read these out loud, they sound so stupid. Why do people not think people they send texts

Oh god and these are real convos I’ve seen around.

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The fuck kinda pen is that?

The porn pen

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*upper middle class fucker voice* But you have [one nice thing] so how are you poor 


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